The Euro is trading at 1.1409 at the moment.  The low has been 1.1340 while the high has been 1.1445.  The Euro has maintained pressure on the US Dollar in the wake of the Retail Sales numbers out of the US yesterday.  These disappointing figures helped to confirm the fact that the FED will most likely not be raising interest rates soon.  As long as the US data continues to show inconsistent growth, you can be guaranteed that the Fed will maintain is cautious oversight while preferring not to raise interest rates unless growth establishes more consistency.  There has been no significant economic data released out of Europe today with a number of countries enjoying a bank holiday.  This has helped the market to be quieter than normal and has probably led to the increasing softness of the greenback.  Players in this market realize the situation that the Dollar holds in trying to ensure sound growth in a low inflation environment.  This remains the delicate balance.

The British Pound is trading at 1.5793 at present.  Sterling has traded as low as 1.5727 which happened during the Asian session.  The high has been 1.5814.  The UK RICS House Price Balance was 33% beating expectations.  This release occurred during the Asian session.  There are no further UK data releases scheduled today.  However, the markets are realizing a lower volume due to a few countries in Europe enjoying their bank holiday today.  The Pound remains poised to the upside with the Dollar still feeling the pressure as a result of the poor retail sales figures yesterday.  In addition, BOE Governor Carney seemed to hint at a possible rate increase taking place in the UK.  This has helped to boost the Pound as well.  Tomorrow will see the release of a couple more bits of UK economic data which will likely leave the Pound holding on to most of the gains it has made over the course of this week While the US Dollar looks to avert another potential slide lower.

The Japanese Yen is trading at 119.13 currently.  USD/JPY has traded at a low of 118.88 while the high has been 119.34.  The Yen has made gains like both the Euro and the Pound after the disappointing US Retail Sales numbers out of the US yesterday.  Earlier today, Japanese M2 Money stock met expectations to remain at 3.6%.  However, Japanese Preliminary Machine Tool Orders registered 10.4% which was lower than the previous month.  This helped the US Dollar to recover a bit of the ground it gave up yesterday to hold for the most part above 119.00.  The Dollar still remains poised towards the downside and has good support below at 118.50.  The wider range of 118.00-121.00 is likely to remain intact.

AUD/USD is trading at 0.8121 with the low being 0.8063 while the high has been 0.8163.

USD/CAD is trading at 1.1932 with the low being 1.1919 while the high has been 1.1970.


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