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White label

SGT Markets offers fully-customised, private label versions of its trading platforms (white labels) to qualified Introducing Brokers, and Trading Managers.

White labels are an excellent way for third parties to enhance their marketing abilities by elevating their corporate identity, enhancing brand recognition, and creating a new trading platform with a unique name and logo.

White labels can be offered on both a fully disclosed or non-disclosed basis.

For Introducing Brokers, and Trading Managers who do not want to disclose SGT’s identity to their end clients but do not want to make the significant investment associated with opening and operating a Brokerage firm, licensing software, etc., SGT’s White Label program is an excellent way to benefit from SGT’s diverse trading instruments, multiple trading platforms, and excellent customer service.

SGT Markets provides all of the hosting required to support White Labels we produce for our Introducing Brokers, and Trading Managers.

In addition to White Label versions of SGT’s trading platforms, SGT Markets can provide White Labels of its proprietary Back Office and Administrative software solutions, offering companies a comprehensive solution to effectively manage all administrative tasks including account openings, deposits, withdrawals, and more.

For qualified Introducing Brokers, and Managers, SGT Markets can provide fully white-labeled versions of websites in addition to White Label version of our trading platforms.

Please contact SGT Markets today to learn more about White Labels and how your company or organization can benefit from customised versions of our trading technology.


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