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Introducing Broker Program

SGT’s Introducing Partner (IP) or Introducing Broker (IB) program allows organizations and individuals around the world to be remunerated for introducing new clients to us.

Introducing Partners are typically third-party individuals or companies who market our company’s products and services to their clients, usually through websites, webinars, trading education sites, etc.

SGT Markets supports IPs in many different ways:

First, SGT Markets provides free, virtual Demo trading accounts so that IPs’ clients can practice their trading strategies without any financial commitment.

Second, SGT Markets offers a comprehensive back office where IPs can track their clients’ trading activity in real-time, staying informed about clients’ trading positions and the income they have earned.

Third, SGT Markets avails its full staff from its Dealing Desk to its Compliance Staff to its IT staff to its Client Services team so that IPs can focus on what earns them money: sales, marketing, and providing excellent customer support.

Fourth, SGT Markets provides White Labels of its popular trading platforms to qualified IPs to help them build brand identity and recognition.

Introducing Partner remuneration is negotiated between SGT Markets and the IP and is paid on a bi-weekly basis, based on live client trading activity. SGT’s in-house Client Services team specialises in sales, marketing, and IT skills to support Introducing Partners.

Please contact SGT Markets today to learn more about opportunities for Introducing Partner and maximize your earning potential as an IP today.

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