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Fund Managers

SGT Markets offers Fund Managers with an ideal solution to manage their clients’ funds from a single trading account, combining our industry-leading pricing with flexible MAM/ PAMM allocations. Fund Managers can also fully customise trading conditions for their clients including leverage, risk management, commissions, management fees, and more.

Fund Managers who manage multiple accounts– simultaneously using SGT’s platforms are able to get filled on their larger orders and volumes at their prices as a result of SGT’s deep liquidity and Direct Market Access. By efficiently and quickly filling Fund Managers’ orders, SGT Markets provides Fund Managers with maximum control over their commissions, fees, and other mark-ups.

SGT MAM Trader allows Fund Managers the ability to fully customise and manage all trading conditions in their MAM/ PAMM. First, Fund Managers are most familiar with the trading strategies they trade with and therefore know how much additional spread, commissions, performance fees, and other mark-ups they can add and still work to remain profitable with their trading.

SGT’s MAM/ PAMM solution allows Fund Managers to control these fees 100%. Second, Fund Managers can control the leverage settings, account currency, and margin call/ stop-out levels in their trading accounts. SGT’s spreads and pricing are tight and 100% transparent, allowing Fund Managers to maintain greater margins between SGT’s wholesale rates and their marked-up rates.

Some Fund Managers elect to minimise the mark-up or not charge any additional account fees at all, instead relying on performance fees to maintain maximum profitability in clients’ accounts.

Fund Manager account features include:

  • Customisable trading conditions including spreads, commissions, performance fees, leverage, etc
  • Ability to credit funds without impacting trading activity
  • Trade multiple asset classes from a single account
  • Professional reporting analytics available
  • Solutions for EAs and manual traders
  • Flexible deposit and withdrawal options for clients
  • Enhanced transparency between SGT Markets, Fund Manager, and Fund Manager’s clients


How to Open a Fund Manager Account:

  1. Open a live account.
  2. Please contact one of our institutional account managers at to discuss your requirements in more detail. Account configurations can usually be performed in 24 hours or less.


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