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Clients can comfortably trade under a fully regulated trading experience, knowing that SGT Markets fully complies with all regulatory requirements, undergoes annual audits, and conforms to best international banking practices regarding client funds and “Know Your Client” policies. Colour Copy of Identification

SGT accepts valid passports, valid driver´s licenses or other valid government issued photographic identification (showing photograph, personal details, signature, date and place of issue and serial number).  Passports are preferred ID.  For all other documents (e.g. Driving License, ID Card) both the front and the back side of the document should be submitted.

Proof of Residence

Copy of Proof of Residence

1. SGT requires a separate document such as a recent (dated within the last 3 months) bank statement or utility bill (gas, water, electricity, or fixed phone bill. MOBILE PHONE BILLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED) that verifies your permanent residential address.

2. ALL DOCUMENTS must be uploaded to your CLIENT AREA NOTE:
  • Respective documents CANNOT be used for both proof of identity and proof of address
  • Documents must be removed from all protective coverings so that all four edges of each document should be clearly visible.
  • All documents should be IN COLOUR and CLEAR and made with a high resolution:
    • Scan copy: at least 300dpi resolution
    • Photo: at least 1024pixel resolution
  • SGT will not disclose and or share any of your information to third parties without your consent except in the event we are required to do so by a regulatory authority under the applicable jurisdiction, by court and/or to enable us to provide you with our services. The latter includes but is not limited to members of the Sterling Gent group of companies, IT service providers, payment services providers, banks and liquidity providers. Where we disclose and/or share any of your information we will take all reasonable steps to do so in a secured manner.

I confirm and acknowledge that I have fully and carefully read and fully understand all of the account-related documentation pursuant to my application to open an online trading account and agree to be fully bound by the terms and conditions listed in the Consent to Conduct Business Electronically, Risk Disclosure, Additional Risk Disclosure, Trader Account Letter, Trader Agreement, and Transaction Disclosure. (download PDF for copy)

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