SGT Market’s MetaTrader 4 will trigger a margin call when the account’s Margin Level reaches 70%, meaning the account has no more usable equity to keep the position open. The margin level can be found on the Trade tab in the SGT MetaTrader 4 terminal. When a margin call occurs, MetaTrader 4 automatically closes all open positions. It is the account holder’s responsibility to make sure the trading account remains adequately and sufficiently capitalized at all times, and we encourage clients to maintain a surplus equity balance in their SGT trading account in case the market moves further against their positions than anticipated.

Margin Call is literally a Warning that your account has slipped past the required margin in %, and that there is not enough equity (floating profits – floating losses + unused balance) on the account to support your Open trades any further.

Stop Out level is also a certain required margin level in %, at which a the MT4 will start to automatically close ALL open trading positions in order to prevent further account losses into the negative territory – below 0 USD.