The SGT Markets MT4 only lets you trade in lots, also known as volume. Where one lot is 100,000 base units, mini lots are 0.1 of a lot equal to 10,000 base units and micro lots are 0.01 lots equal to 1,000 base units. You can place any size trade from your MT4 interface from 0.01 lots (1,000 base units) to 50 lots (5 million base units). Please visit our Contract Specifications page to learn more.

Lot size examples in currency:

1 lot = 100,000 notional trading units (known as a standard lot)
0.1 lots = 10,000 notional trading units (known as a mini lot)
0.01 lots = 1,000 notional trading units (known as a micro lot)
E.g. if you execute 1 lot of EUR/USD, then your exposure is 100,000 EUR/USD.
If you execute 2.5 lots of GBP/USD, your exposure is 250,000 GBP/USD.