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In our knowledge base section you will find easy-to-understand information on the history of the currency markets, what is the Forex market, how trading works, fundamental and technical analysis, simple explanations on some example technical indicators and key components you will need to get started. 

If there is anything that needs further explanation do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff for assistance, it is important that clients new to Forex understand the basic principles.

Learn to trade Forex:

Basic Terminology

Forex – glossary

Psychological traps

Order Types

Forex trading – what’s it all about?

What are TA indicators?

Outlook on forex market

Fundamental analysis vs technical analysis

Types of market analysis

History of Forex

From a coin to a note

Prehistory and Ancient times

What is FOREX?


There are many technical indicators; however, here are the most common types:

Support and Resistance

Moving Average



Trend Lines

Williams % Range





Force Index


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