12-09-2017 12:42:16
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The German DAX 30 index ended yesterday with a 1.39% session in plus, reaching the highest value since July 2017. The index has gained value since the perception of risk has fallen since the North Korean problem has lost its intensity. However, North Korea’s problem is far from being resolved, given that the UN Security Council last night approved additional sanctions for North Korea. The insurance sector as well as the technology sector, industry and banking supported the strength of the DAX 30 index. Among these good results, Commerzbank AG jumped 3.24%, while Deutsche Bank AG was 2.77% at the end of the session. Siemens AG jumped by 2.77%. Among the worst was Daimler AG which fell by 0.28%. Merck jumped 0.18%, around Prosiebensat jumped by 0.27%.


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