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About Us

Security of funds

SGT Markets’ clients invest both their trading capital and their trust with us. Creating and maintaining a safe and secure trading environment to safeguard clients’ funds and assets is an important primary objective that governs our business practices. Clients’ funds are segregated from our corporate operating accounts and we maintain bank accounts at large, first-class global banking institutions with large asset bases.

Continuity of our Licensed and Regulated Status

Founded in 2006, SGT Markets became licensed and regulated in full conformity with The Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 (SIBA) as a Principal Dealer, enabling us to provide dealing, brokerage, and market-making services across all asset classes. SGT Markets was one of the first companies to obtain a licensed and regulated status as a Principal Dealer. The continuity of our licensed and regulated status is subject to rigorous, third-party audits by Chartered Accountants to reconfirm and recertify our commitment to satisfying our regulatory requirements.

Excellent banking relationships

Our banks and financial institutions maintain intermediary and correspondent accounts in other banking jurisdictions with some of the largest banks in the world, across a variety of currencies. This affords our clients additional satisfaction in knowing that these intermediary and correspondent banks are subject to regulation and supervision by some of the largest central banks, monetary authorities, and capital markets supervisory bodies in the world.

Adherence to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations

SGT Markets remains fully compliant with global anti-money laundering (AML) provisions and related best international practices. As a Principal Dealer and a financial intermediary, it is incumbent upon us to help safeguard the integrity of the international payments and financial systems, principally through the verification of all clients prior to entering into a client relationship.

Third Party Funding Not Permitted

Third-party account funding is not permitted pursuant to SGT Markets’ internal policies. SGT Markets is only permitted to accept funds from existing SGT Markets account holders who have been previously approved by SGT Markets.

Segregated Bank Accounts

The funds of SGT Markets’ clients are never commingled with our companies’ assets. This measure is to mitigate operational risk and prevent the misuse of clients’ assets for internal purposes. We accomplish this by providing custody of clients’ funds in segregated bank accounts.

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